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    Ornir Elunari

    Hi builders!

    I have been mulling over an idea for Luminari that would give people something to do other than simply bashing areas – Campaign quests.

    These quests would tie in with the world lore (which I know is in flux but we will nail that down shortly.) I can see 5-6 campaign quests each spanning over multiple areas. the idea is similar to Quest chains in other games, where there is a progression of story throughout the duration of the quest, affected by your choices in each branch. For example:

    In the crystal swamp area currently under development by Wolves, there are crystal shards laying around which the players must collect.

    In the Wizard School area by Treyorn, there is the The Lady Raven who is a terribly difficult necromancer mob to defeat (now anyway :))

    Perhaps we could tie these areas together in a non-obvious way, perhaps by having the player hand an item from the boss of the crystal swamp to the Lady Raven which triggers a quest completion script that drives the players down a particular campaign branch – perhaps even an evil one. The Necromancer could sense something about the item, mention the wizard from the swamp and provide a quest to the players – as well as giving them a way to return to her, perhaps a portal stone or something similar, that crumbles after use.

    This would both serve the purpose of tying the zones together and providing additional content.

    So – Any thoughts, ideas? What could we potentially do with other zones, even stock ones, to spiff them up?

    – Ornir Elunari

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    The idea of ‘campaign’ “level” quests, is, in my opinion,well suited for the style of play i believe we are aiming for.
    It shouldn’t replace mindless mob killing, but it should offer more reward for doing it through the ‘quest-chain’ instead of just repeated slaying of the same monster for the same item.
    It should add more of a level of detail to the zones, giving the player more of a feeling of involvement, instead of what i think sometimes,..
    “this is just another zone with mobs for me to kill, and objects for me to loot and lore.”
    yes, a nice description does make for nice room, but there are levels of detail (I don’t mean in the desc) that I personally, have always felt were missing/lacking

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    much needed in my opinion

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    What a great idea.

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    I love this idea. My second zone is the hometown of the half-orc that starts the quest chain in Wizard Training Mansion. There is definitely going to be connections between my areas and I have no problem connecting them to other zones as well. Quests are the highlights of my zones that include nice rewards and will get more difficult at higher levels.

    Does Lady Raven need to be tuned down? I made her difficult on purpose. I did quite a bit of testing with multiple classes. Let me know if a tune down is required.

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    Ornir Elunari

    Trey – I saw the area concept, excellent work as usual. Lady Raven is perfect, at least until we revisit some of the balance issues we are having.

    Because obj stats, mob power, etc. is in flux, it is most important to get the zones ready from a functional standpoint right now. Thanks for posting!

    – Ornir Elunari

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    10000000000000% support this 🙂

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    I’m by no means a builder, but I’d like to try and contribute some story ideas. How and where would you like these posted? I’m not sure how in depth these ideas need to be (ie do you need just the concept, a basic outline, a full text of conversations etc.?), but I’m willig to try.

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      Ornir Elunari

      You can submit them however – Maybe send me a Facebook message (Ornir Elunari) or an email (contact me in-game) for a start. I would love to hear your ideas!

      – O

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