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    To create a balanced ‘tank’ character. Focus is on heavy armor instead of dexterity build.

    Race: Human – Balanced stats, extra feat
    Class: Warrior

    Starting Stats
    Strength: 14, Dexterity: 14, Constitution: 15, Intelligence: 14, Wisdom: 10, Charisma: 10
    Balance in Strength, Dexterity and Constitution. Taking 14 intelligence for an extra skill mastery and access to the ‘combat expertise’ feat

    Feat selection at level 1:
    Combat Expertise
    Weapon focus (in a good 1 handed weapon, such as a long sword)

    Skills trained:
    Heal – for treatinjury, spot healing
    Intimidate – for ‘intimidate’ combat maneuver to reduce enemy damage
    Total defense – totaldefense mode
    Lore – item indentification
    Discipline – ability to resist combat meaneuvers

    Stat boost selection (7 total points at level 30):
    Con (4)
    Str (3)

    Feat progression [General (6) Class (10) Epic (4) Epic Class (7)]
    power attack
    improved shield punch
    improved critical (in the weapon you focused on)
    power critical (focused weapon)
    shield charge
    shield slam
    improved disarm
    great cleave
    greater disarm
    armor specialization (heavy)
    [after level 4] weapon specialization (focused weapon)
    [after level 8] greater weapon focus (focused weapon)
    [after level 12] greater weapon specialization (focused weapon)
    epic weapon specialization (focused weapon)
    armor skin
    epic toughness
    epic skill focus (intimidate)
    epic prowess
    great strength (x3)
    great constitution (x3)

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