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    Ornir Elunari

    Hi everyone. The Feat conversion is coming along, most things are converted and I am cleaning up the interface and the remaining glaring issues. One thing in particular is staring me in the face, however, and I am not sure how to tackle it.


    The crafting system does not fit neatly into the rest of the systems in the mud – It feels very much like a retrofit and I would like to have some help brainstorming ideas for making it better. Integration with abilities (skills), feats, etc. is all paramount.

    For example, I would like to make the Draconic/Dwarven/Elven crafting feats DO something – Also we could expand this list to include Daemonic/Celestial/Fae/etc. I would like these feats to let you do something like:

    craft dwarven mail
    – or –
    craft draconic helm

    and give the resulting piece some extra flavor in the descriptions as well as a gameplay advantage. Additionally, these feats could allow you to utilize some more rare and special materials, such as dragon scales (for Draconic crafting) or reduce the cost of certain special abilities (flaming draconic weapons, for example, may cost less than flaming elvish weapons of the same stats.)

    The system, as it stands, is fairly incomplete and i would like to gather together any ideas people have for enhancing (or for that matter, even rewriting!) the crafting/gathering system.

    Gathering is a whole other can of worms and I haven’t even begun to look at how to convert that, seeing that we have no mining, etc. skills anymore.

    Thanks for the help!

    – Ornir Elunari

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    Ornir Elunari

    Just a clarification – the Dwarven, Draconic, Elven, etc feats DO do something, but it has nothing to do with the actual name.

    d20mud uses a class to unlock crafting skills – You need to take levels of ‘Artisan’ to get the crafting feats mentioned above. We could go a similar route and force a char who is serious about crafting to take class levels, but I am a bit wary of this – I would rather control everything via feats. The crafting feats, like Draconic, Elven, Dwarven crafting could be the result of a quest that the player must complete – The giver of the quest could teach the pc the secrets of their crafting technique, for example.

    If we control the access to crafting via the Item creation feats (Create magic weapons and armor, create wonderous item, create potion, create poison, etc.) then that should be sufficient. Item creation feats are bonus feats for wizards, by the way.

    For weapon special abilities, they require a number of spells to be added to the item during creation – Those spells need to either be in scroll form or memorized beforehand and the scroll or the memorized spell is spent at creation time. I would like to see special crystals that contain everything needed for special abilities to be available as epic rewards, for example as a very rare load on powerful supermobs. A white dragon holding a crystal of cold burst would be pretty cool, for example.

    This is just some of my ideas, any others?

    – Ornir Elunari

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    Well it kind of is a retrofit. I agree with you about the crafting. It is an awesome system but it doesn’t fit well with the MUD how it is. I like your ideas. I am still getting used to DnD lore and rules so I will take your word for most of what you said. I think once feats are in, we should focus on polish and put major projects on the side. There is still a large list of bugs in the bug list that need to be done. It would be nice to get some more players in temporarily to test these new systems and get more feedback.

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    Agreed Trey!

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    Where do I sign up? *grins*

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