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    These are notes from conversations with Taure/Treyorn about the well being of TRUE newbies… i.e. new to Luminari and/or completely new to MUDding.

    Ashenport is too big for a newbie

    Proposed solution:
    take a stock zone, smaller city zone – convert to newbie zone [halfway-inn as base]
    – easy to navigate
    – good places to level
    – symmetrical
    – make sure uses all commands
    – constant pop (don’t let newbies wait for repops)
    – tight level range, max. 8

    put stock newbie zones clustered close to each other, redo them to our theme

    portal, and or moderate distance to big city (for veterans to quickly jump into the main area)

    (side note, replace neverwinter castle dungeon with “hidden mine”)

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    Let’s see how this newbie zone turns out – We can always use Sanctus or Midgen for a city if needed. I really like Ashenport but it is big.

    I think if we incorporate a few quests within the city. Go get item A from shop B and return to location C, players can learn the city that way. But yes for level 1 or 2, never MUDding before it would be overwhelming.

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    Awesome idea Trey, what would supplement that even more and be utterly epic, is if someone drew a map of the city 🙂

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    @zusuk wrote:

    Awesome idea Trey, what would supplement that even more and be utterly epic, is if someone drew a map of the city 🙂

    There is a map of Ashenport in olist. I’m pretty sure Taure made one.

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    Couldn’t newbies start in their own hometown? Could add little quests in each area to give new players the idea of questing. Basic equipment is already provided and if you want you could always have a portal to the newbie training area. Some races, if more are added despise the other, so starting zones would seem more realistic. And each town leader could offer the start to the main quest line. I am not sure how complicated it would be.

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    that’s the eventual plan, once newbies finish the mosswood quest line, their loadroom would change to their hometown zone, whatever that is for each race… the problem right now is none of those hometowns are fixed up with proper object flags and stuff

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    Ornir Elunari

    One issue is that splitting up the already small playerbase by spreading them throughout the world has a chilling effect on forming groups, etc. This will be compounded further with the removal of the teleporter.

    If the playerbase increased significantly then this is a good idea!

    – O

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    I personally like the idea of having Midgen as a starting city. It’s a LOT smaller than Ashenport and has all the features already in it that would just need tweaked a little bit. Plus it already has a portal to get to Sancuts. All you’d have to do is add a portal to/from Mosswood and/or relocate it to be within walking distance of Mosswood.

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