Luminari MUD Update 05/26/2015 – Clerical Chaos


Luminari MUD Update 05/26/2015 – Clerical Chaos

It has been about two weeks since we’ve posted an update to the website, here are some of the highlights from our very large list of changes:

Berserker, Paladin, Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Rangers and Monk are now at “launch” status, including some neat new free Epic Feats and other various goodies.

Our initial set of Cleric Domains have been coded and added, including bonus spell lists and domain powers for each Domain

The first stage in our grappling system is in place

Added a bunch of much-needed caster feats, including some fun epic spells.


And here is the comprehensive highlights since the 10th:

[May 26 2015] – Zusuk
when you select a domain in the study menu, it will display the info about that domain
new domain power/feat: weapon expert
new domain power/feat: battle rage
new domain power/feat: eth shift
new domain power/feat: aura of protection
new domain power/feat: saves
new domain power/feat: resistance
new domain power/feat: mass invis
new domain power/feat: copycat
new domain power/feat: deception
new domain power/feat: healing touch
new domain power/feat: lawful weapon
new domain power/feat: blessed touch
new domain power/feat: eye of knowledge
new domain power/feat: knowledge
new domain power/feat: empowered healing
new domain power/feat: healing touch
new domain power/feat: good lance
new domain power/feat: good touch
new domain power/feat: evil scythe
new domain power/feat: evil touch
[May 25 2015] – Zusuk
new domain power/feat: destructive aura
new domain feat: destructive smite
implemented ‘smite good’ for future expansion … MUAHAHHHAfile9231272063295
added all bonus spells for cleric chaos domain
the chaos domain for clerics is now finished
new cleric domain power: curse touch
new cleric domain power: chaotic weapon
fixed a crash bug with domain powers
[May 24 2015] – Zusuk
fixed a crash bug with grapple
wildshaping means you no longer have acess to your normal list of selected feats, but you soon will be getting special feats based on the race you wildshape into
mobiles now can acquire feats, the decision on how to assign them to be determined later
[May 22 2015] – Zusuk
concentration check is required if you are being grappled vs spell-level+cmb-of-attacker
unarmed attacks are considered ‘light’ for all intents and purposes
if grappled, you will only be able to attack with weapons classified as ‘light’ (help light-weapons)
grappled folks cannot take an attack of opportunity
being grappled gives -2 to attack bonus on melee attacks
being grappled gives -2 to melee damage
grappled affection gives -2 penalty to all CMD checks outside of grapple related checks
grappled affection gives -2 penalty to all CMB checks outside of grapple related checks
grappled affection gives -2 to dexterity bonus
you can’t stealth or hide while grappled
you take a -2 penalty to your dexterity bonus while grappled
without improved-grapple feat (feat itself incomplete), opponent of grapple attempt gets AOO, damage will be applied as penalty to CMB
grapple reversal attempts consume a standard action
struggle can now only be attempted once per round (every 6 seconds)
added a valid_grapple_cond() check to handler in case folks somehow get into funky conditions
movement is now stopped by grapple
new command under construction: freegrapple – if you are in dominant grapple position, as a free actino you can release your grapple
new command under construction:  struggle – try to free yoursel of a grapple as a free action
when in the dominant position of grapple, if your opponents attempts a grapple against you, he/she can reverse the dominant position
new command under construction: grapple
fixed a crash bug with domain offensive powers
started setting up some variables in structs for grappling
new header file: grapple.h
new workfile: grapple.c
[May 21 2015] – Zusuk
added handle animal mechanic
updated code/help file:  swim is now implemented
[May 20 2015] – Zusuk
removed some silly size requirements for wear slots such as ring/neck/wrists
added feat: enhanced spell damage
new feat: augment summoning
switched greater spell focus to non-epic
updated some class feat choices for wizard class
new epic feat:  epic warding
new epic feat:  epic mage armor
new epic feat:  hellball
new epic feat:  greater ruin
new epic feat:  mummy dust
new epic feat:  dragon knight
new feat: improved familiar
new feat: spell focus
new epic feat: greater spell focus
mag_savingthrow now accepts a ‘school of magic’
fixed issue: trying to select the same school feat will cause the incorrect menu to display
[May 19 2015] – Zusuk
added a very basic system to replace the CP system in the meantime, items are going to be a lot less powerful now
temporarily disabled Ornir’s CP system until there is more time to fix it up
WOOT!  Ranger’s are ready for launch!
changed all ‘groupped’ to ‘grouped’
fixed a bug where summoning creatures in wilderness will cause them to load in the wrong location
mounts in wilderness now works
fixed a crash bug with switching to mobiles in wilderness
mobiles can now hunt in the wilderness (but not between wilderness/zones)
note: tracking doesn’t work between wilderness/zones, both parties must both be in wilderness or both in a zone
re-enabled tracking, which requires the track feat, which rangers get for free
[May 18 2015] – Zusuk
added a ring of portals that take you to each hometown
added “cube” proc to mad drow zone
added the ashenport bank
new wizards will receive a note indicating where they can ‘research’ new spells
room 5905 is now a research library for wizards
new special room proc: wizard research library
added a bank to ashenport
domain powers now list with the ‘domain’ command
added domain feats: domain resistance (electric, fire, ice, acid)
rangers now get improved evasion as a free epic feat
new feat for rangers: epic favored enemy
new feat for rangers: bane of enemies
rangers now get favored enemies past level 20
added feat: endurance
[May 17 2015] – Zusuk
WOOT!  Paladins are now ready for launch!
paladins now get spirited charge for free
paladins now get mounted archery for free
paladins now get ride by attack for free
paladin’s now get mounted combat for free
new paladin feat: epic mount
new paladin feat: legendary rider
new paladin feat: glorious rider
modified paladin’s mount
modified animal companions
downgraded familiar’s
added feat: domain cold resistance
added feat: domain fire resistance
added feat: domain acid resistance
added feat: domain electric resistance
added new domain feats: lightning arc, fire bolt, icicle, and acid dart
new feat classification:  domain power feats
when you study, and select new domains (or initial domains), it will swap the respective domain power feats
new domain power: icicle
new domain power: fire bolt
new domain power: acid dart
new domain power: lightning arc
added domain_powers.c to dump all our domain power mechanics
noticed a bunch of daily usage feats had incorrectly assigned to event_countdown instead of daily use cooldown
noticed a bunch of daily usage feats did not have an entry in event_daily_use_cooldown, so added them
the lay on hands heal amount was a bit OP, so i adjusted it to be closer to the pathfinder numbers
lay on hands was not using the correct mechanic for daily uses, fixed that
if you target yourself with lay on hands, it is a free-action as opposed to standard action
added a little more info to lay on hands if you target yourself
fixed a bug in calculating # of lay-on-hands usage for paladins
[May 15 2015] – Zusuk
added a bunch of helpfiles
completely reworked how level is calculated for spell effects/saves, much better but still not perfect
you now get your constitution bonus hps when selecting ‘great constitution’ feat
had to fine-tune a couple of epic feats
made an upper-cap for combat modes at 12
rage no longer heals hit points
[May 14 2015] – Zusuk
new epic feat (not free) for warriors: epic weapon specialization
new free warrior feat: stalwart warrior
had to take away raging critical from berserker’s, wayyyyyyyy too powerful 😛
made sure every class has at least one epic class feat available (much more coming soon)
WOOT, warriors are now ready for launch!
new free warrior feat: armor mastery ii
new free warrior feat: armor mastery i
new free warrior feat: weapon mastery ii
new free warrior feat: weapon mastery i
new free warrior feat: weapon training (stacks)
new free warrior feat: armor training (stacks)
[May 14 2015] – Treyorn
Fixed a bunch of triggers in Memlin to accommodate new classes and fix miscellaneous bugs.
[May 14 2015] – Zusuk
epic races have 15x the exp chart of a normal race (reduced from 30x)
WOOT, monks are ready for launch!
monks now get stunning fist as a free starting feat
added new free monk epic feat: keen strike
added new free monk epic feat: outsider
monks get ‘blinding speed’ as a free epic feat at level 23 now
rogues now get weapon finesse as a free starting feat
fixed crash bug when lore/identify/stat corpse
[May 13 2015] – Zusuk
added two new cast types: cast-weapon-poison, and cast-weapon-spell
added ‘enter room’ trap types
fixed the label for ‘leave room’ traps
opponents now get a saving throw against stunning fist
[May 12 2015] – Zusuk
WOOT like rogues, berserker’s are now ready for launch!
added berserker feat: deathless frenzy
added berserker feat: rage resistance
added berserker feat: eater of magic
added berserker feat: raging critical
added a new feat: faster memorization, to offset this and play with balance of classes, most classes got an increase in time required to recover spells
updated the wilderness ‘Linked Zones’ on the Luminari Google Drive
updated our map with some more hometown locations
linked to wilderness: mithril hall (dwarven hometown)
linked to wilderness: hardbuckler (gnome hometown)
fixed a crash bug if you teleport while falling
fixed the dirt road in the wilderness next to graven
[May 11 2015] – Zusuk
fixed a crash bug in wilderness when trying to use redit
fixed an issue with intimidate
all aspects of interaction with a disguised/wildshaped character are now masked by your disguise/wildshape
you no longer see the equipment of a shapechanged/disguised creature
fixed look_at_char to reflect disguised/wildshaped race
fixed a spacing issue in the who list (which i probably created to begin with)
trolls have been changed to be ‘half-trolls’, no difference at all except in name since full-blooded trolls are much more powerful (i’m thinking future epic race instead of advanced)
added ‘intimidate’ to help file ‘combat-maneuvers’
in the zones2 it now lists ‘blindbreak rest’, with ‘blindbreak’ being the keyword for teleporting
fixed an issue in the ‘zones’ helpfile
you can now ‘teleport blindbreak’ to get to blindbreak rest

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