The Death of the Wait State


The Death of the Wait State

In Luminari, between actions you were put into a ‘Wait-State’ where you could only perform a very limited set of commands, regardless of the reason you were in the wait state.

This is no more!

We would like to introduce Luminari’s action system, the next step in the implementation of the new Luminari combat system!

Luminari now uses a system similar to that of the d20 system on which many of its mechanics are based. Every character, PC or NPC, has a set of actions. As of this writing, this includes a Standard action and a Move action. These actions represent the amount of time required to perform certain tasks. At any time, you may use a standard action as a move action, and any commands that require a move action to be available have this requirement fulfilled by having a standard action available.

Commands that you enter require the use of a standard action, a move action, a full-round action (using BOTH the standard and move action) or do not use an action. Some activities (such as directional movement) only require that you have an action available – the activity does not consume that action.

In combat, in order to have the ability to use all of your attacks, you must have a full-round action available. If you only have a standard action available, your attacks are limited to the first phase of the combat round. If you only have a move action, or have no actions available, you do not attack until those actions become available again. All actions regenerate after one round, approximately 6 seconds.

Opening a door, standing up from a sitting position, fleeing from battle and drinking a potion all require a move action.

In the future, additional actions may be introduced.

Your available actions can be shown in your prompt, as a display: [sm] where s represents your standard action and m represents your move action. This option can be activated in prefedit – In the prompt menu, select ‘Show Actions’.

Have fun and I’ll see you in the game!

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