Update: September 10, 2014


Update: September 10, 2014

Most important of all right now – finally banging our heads (Ornir and Zusuk) about how to get our Armor-Class system set up for the long run.  So far we have been just converting values from a deprecated stock CircleMUD system.


file9231272063295[Sep 08 2014] – Zusuk
increased treasure drop chance
slight modifications to the apply-bonuses to random treasure
some compartmentalization to the treasure code
[Sep 07 2014] – Zusuk
changed treasure system back to distribution as opposed to loading on mob reset
started messing with treasure system
started commenting memorize code
[Sep 05 2014] – Zusuk
fixed aliases for memorization according to ornir recommendations
[Sep 04 2014] – Zusuk
renamed first alias for memorization code to help reduce confusion in code
addressed warnings in the code, this simply meant commenting out unused variables 😛
reverted memorize.c code to old version, commented out changes for examination
[Sep 03 2014] – Zusuk
ornir added the ability to play the mud from facebook
purchased SSL certficate for luminarimud.com domain name
[Sep 03 2014] – Ornir
got soiled running for the website
[Sep 03 2014] – Zusuk
got it so i can actually modify the codebase from home and work on it
added varnish to the website

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